Kabelová čepička KTK 52/25

Kabelové čepičky KTK
·  with thermoplastic inside wall sealant
·  they enable closing the cable end secure it against moisture entering the cable
Use  : for storing the cable or it’s transport. Alive cables up to 1kV ; -55ºC to +105ºC 
Dielectric strength :  16 kV/mm
as supplied52 mm
after recovery: 25 mm
length (as supplied): 160 mm
wall thickness after full recovery: 3,5 mm 
Color  : black
Shrink temperature: min. 120ºC by hot air or by soft yellow flame
Storing  : in a sheltered place, temperature from –30ºC up to +35ºC
Packing  : in closed folio with type indication
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