Heat shrinkable tape TKT 25

Opravné teplem smrštitelné pásky TKT
Heat shrinkable repairing tape TPM is used for quick, high quality and heavy-duty repairs of damaged cable sheaths or core insulations. It guarantees sealing against water entering cable insulation.
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35,00 CZK
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tape width25mm
tape length: 15 m  - sold in meters ( price in CZK/m )
tape thickness: 1 mm 
They are recommended where the execution of durable and leakproof connection of structural components is required. Good adhesion to metallic, wooden components and to building ceramics and plastics gives the possibility to apply the heat shrinkable tapes by the mounting of ventilation pipes, conductors, electric and telecommunication cables. Connections made of TKT tape are resistant to mechanical damages and corrosion.
Length : sold in meters ( for instance 5m )
Shrink temperature: min. 120ºC by hot air or by soft yellow flame
Packing: in closed folio with type indication
Storage:  in a sheltered place, temperature from –10ºC  up to +35ºC
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